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Price: $189.99
    Points to Purchase:18999


    “Net Protector Z Security” has multiple layers of protection against Ransomware threat for your office and home computing with "Anti-Ransomware" to safeguarding your valuable data it monitors and blocks all malicious incoming and outgoing Internet Connections. It can be used to unhide the Files and Folder from the PC hidden by Malware. Net Protector Z Security will block new and unknown Ransomware from corrupting or encrypting your data files, stay secure by blocking fraudulent bank look-alike pages and login credential stealing links.

    Tknocks technical associates can customize the antivirus suite to get optimal output per product vendor recommendations. It will enhance the security of your data and information against detected threats and sends alerts for risky applications. We strive to keep your devices virus-free, and if they get infested, we are here to fix them.

    • Web Control blocks unwanted sites. Office: Increase productivity of employees Block video & MP3, Torrent
    • Drive Backup take Drive Data Backup for Future Use. Easy data restore option
    • Ransomware LAN Shield for infection that has originated on some other endpoint, the data on system with Net Protector will still be protected
    • Behavior Heuristic Control to detect and block Ransomware type actions on the system
    • Safe Banking virtual keyboard for secure financial transactions on the internet.
    • Firewall monitors and blocks all malicious internet connections
    • Performance Monitor for High usage Process and CPU Usage.
    • Advertise Blocker protects from malicious Adware and useful to save internet bandwidth, CPU, Memory etc.
    • Cloud Protection scan processes on the cloud to check for file safety
    • Data Backup of recently edited documents for safe keeping against any corruption or ransomware
    • Anti-phishing blocks fraudulent bank look-alike pages and login credential stealing links
    • Application Control blocks malware programs and application form executing
    • Data Leak Prevention provides monitoring, detecting and blocking of sensitive data while in-use, in-motion or at-rest
    • Anti-Ransomware Shield will block new and unknown Ransomware from corrupting or encrypting your data files

    Tknocks is a technical services company offering complete IT Security over the remote assistance and Security solutions to home users, Start-up enterprises and mature businesses. Our service details can be accessed via our website or by contact us on or 1-800-6545-095.

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