With Tknocks STEEL, you will receive:

  • Install, de-install, update, configure software/hardware.
  • Manage software/hardware compatibility and conflicts.
  • Data encryption, backup, recovery and organization.
  • Customization and configuration of system preferences.
  • Browser support and basic application support.

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Price: $59.99
    Points to Purchase:5999


    “Tknocks STEEL” is our most popular value for money package for individual users and businesses with single or multiple devices like computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. Whether you are adding new device, resolving compatibility issues, personalizing configuration settings, troubleshooting software, restoring and organizing data etc. Tknocks STEEL is your universal tool to provide all basis IT needs. It is a perpetual coverage that supports your basis IT needs through 24*7 remote service center.

    Tknocks is a technical services company offering remote assistance and solutions to home users, start-up enterprises and mature businesses. Our service details can be accessed via our website www.tknocks.com or by contact us on support@tknocks.com or 1-800-6545-095.

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