With Tknocks Accelerator, you will receive:

  • Remove all unused / Junk files from PC.
  • Apply Microsoft recommended in start up configuration.
  • Apply Microsoft recommended security configuration.
  • Detailed tune-up and maintenance service.
  • Diagnosing the cause of performance.

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Price: $39.99
    Points to Purchase:3999


    Do you feel that your PC does not work as it used to? The reason may be one or more problems acting together. Tknocks tech will scan your PC and search for settings, processes and files that are slowing down your performance and uses number of effective tools to optimise your computer and also technician will Perform all Microsoft recommended task sequences over the remote Desktop Connection to speed up your PC.

    Tknocks is a technical services company offering remote assistance and solutions to home users, start-up enterprises and mature businesses. Our service details can be accessed via our website www.tknocks.com or by contact us on support@tknocks.com or 1-800-6545-095.

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